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Meet Your Designer

"For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with every aspect of design. 

You know the kind of feeling that simply gives you goose bumps, that

deep-seated passion that says to your inner soul:  this is meant to be!  From

colors to texture to the feeling I get when I see great architecture, and the

way light bathes and dances over every aspect of a room at different times

of the day.  Ahhhh, simply takes my breath away.  Although perhaps

subconsciously, all of these elements affect our mood and wellbeing. 


Functional and beautiful living enriches our lives and the lives of those we hold

dear.  My passion and desire is to assist you in creating these elements for your

home that bring you beauty, happiness, inspiration, and enrichment to your life. 

It is important to Live your Style and my job is to get you there!” – Denice Charlotte Perrault

Denice Perrault was born and raised in the suburbs just north of Boston on the North Shore and was blessed to live very close to the beach, and although she now lives in Arizona, her current home reflects a coastal beach cottage.  Her fascination, appreciation, and love of architecture and interior design began at a very early age, especially having lived in some centuries-old New England homes that were steeped in history.  As a child, she adored searching every corner of these historic homes for treasures, and, luckily for her and her siblings, there were always some to be found.   She always envisioned being able to redesign these homes and bring them back to their former glory from bad renovations done over many decades.  Although she was too young back then to turn these centuries-old homes into her “palaces,” a life-long love of architecture and design was born.

Denice recalls that her Mom had a special knack for decorating her childhood homes so beautifully and cozily that it fueled her passion and desire to become an interior designer.  As her Mother often says, “It wasn’t that we had a lot of money, it was that I loved creating a homey, loving environment for my children.”  Denice says she was blessed to get her design inspiration from her Mom. 

Although Denice’s design “bug” bit her when she was just a young child, her style has [thankfully!] evolved over the past 20 years.  She has been designing and consulting part-time for the past 20 years and recently said good-bye to her legal career to pursue her life-long passion and dream of becoming a full-time designer.  “Being able to work as a designer is an amazing gift and a wonderful opportunity to connect with people in such a personal manner, in their homes where they are most comfortable, and to assist them in designing their dream homes that encourage and inspire them to live their style.  As Denice states, “your home should always reflect your personality, lifestyle, and the way in which your family lives their day-to-day lives.”

Denice takes so much pride in her work, and she listens intently to her clients’ dreams of their interiors because this is of the utmost importance to her.  Her passion is to create functional spaces, as well as entire homes, that inspire and encourage others to own their style. 


Each person’s style is very unique, and Denice blends their personality and vision to create original dream spaces based on how her clients live in their homes.  She encourages them to not only find their style, but to “own” their style.

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